As part of the RESILOC Project’s research and analysis activities in pilot communities, the Local Resilience Team (LRT) was created in Gorizia.

The Local Resilience Team of the Municipality of Gorizia is an informal group of volunteers with tasks of awareness raising, dissemination and mapping of local vulnerabilities related to resilience.

The LRT’s main objectives include:

  • Supporting the Municipality of Gorizia in community engagement and awareness-raising activities on resilience;
  • Strengthening local resilience and planning skills on emergency prevention and response issues;
  • Supporting planning and implementation of exercises and continuous monitoring activities.

The LRT of Gorizia is composed by different stakeholders clustered around four main areas of activity and intervention: technical, cultural, social and youth cluster.

The Local Resilience Team (LRT) played a fundamental role for the Gorizia Trial preparation, execution, and validation activities, seeking to assess local resilience in Gorizia and carrying out awareness raising activities on resilience.

The strong participation of local stakeholders active on diversity and inclusion issues, enabled the Community of Gorizia to identify and focus on community-specific «vulnerabilities» which were not previously considered in emergency planning.

The Community Profile

Among the activities implemented, a “RESILOC Community Profile”, an informational document that provides an overview of the characteristics of the area, was also co-created with the LRT. The objective of the document is to provide relevant information on the local communities of the RESILOC project in terms of community characteristics, hazards, stakeholder resilience, municipal functions, as well as outline the communication plan, dissemination model, and the resilience strategy for the preparedness phase.

More specifically, the information provided within this community profile will help develop the details of local RESILOC field trials, as outlined in the attached “An Overview of the RESILOC Experimental Guide (RTG)”


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 833671.

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