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TOP – 2018

International conference
EUSDR and EUSAIR youth for cross-border partnership and cohesion
International conference and a youth leadership forum – SECCo2 project
Tivat, Montenegro, 30-31.05.2018

Dialogue on cohesion policy
The European Union’s cohesion policy, with his structural and investment funds, plays an important role at regional and local level in Europe. It is a fundamental source of support and allows public authorities, companies, universities, civil society and other organizations in our Region to develop and grow together.
Udine (IT), 19.03.2018
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Radical political movements in European border areas
The invited experts analyze the causes and effects of increasing radical parties in Europe, as well as answer the question about the consequences and the future prospects for these political forces
Gorizia, Italy, 13-14.02.2018
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TOP – 2017

International Conference
60 Years from the Treaty of Rome
(60 Anni dai Trattati di Roma)
Conference on the European Integration process
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Social laboratory
Socio-Lab for use of audio-visual arts as tools for promoting intercultural dialogue and a culture of peace
Initiative inserted into the project “Known roads and new routes”
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TOP – 2016

Whitch Europe of citizens after brexit?
(Quale Europa dei cittadini dopo la brexit?)
Conference on BREXIT
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Field Visit
International practices in inter-municipal cooperation
(Politiche internazionali per la cooperazione inter-municipale)
Field Visit of Council of Europe
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Summer School of the European Council  – (Re) build trust in institutions and citizens
(Scuola Estiva del Consiglio Europeo – (Ri) costruire la fiducia nelle istituzioni e nei cittadini)
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Sport hurts
(Lo sport fa male)

Study on the prevalence of doping among young sportsmen of the province of Gorizia
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Training in research and management for the youth of Gorizia
(Formazione alla ricerca e alla progettazione per i giovani goriziani)
+ Europe and + enterprise.  Know Europe and make entrepreneurship in schools with students
Serving results
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General states of Isontina Culture
Partecipated path of the Province of Gorizia – Serving results
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BLUE-WIN Project
Focus on targeted voluntary actions to the environmental and cultural conservation of aquatic ecosystems, with the participation of more than 200 students from Nova Gorica, Gorizia, Inverness (Scotland), Dubrovnik (Croatia), and Kotor (Montenegro). ISIG proposal drawn up and initiated together with the Municipality of Gorizia and the Council of Europe as part of an International Conference held in Gorizia in 2014
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FAB LAB to fight Cyber-Bulling in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Internet Day FVG
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Mission Program in Gorizia of the Italo-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki. Project ERASMUS+ Mobility: Social economy end entrepreneurship
29.02.2016 – 1-2-3.03.2016
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TOP – 2015

European conference and Workshop
From EU Tools to local practices
Final ECOSTRESS event
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Come amministriamo in Europa?
(How do we manage Europe?)
50 Hungarian Mayors dialogue with Italian and Slovenian administrators about the organization of Public Administration, Tourism and Local Development
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I Barconi dei Balcani
(The hope-boats of the Balkans)
ISIG presenting its research on asylum seekers in Friuli Venezia Giulia
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10 years anniversary of YCS in Kosovo
ISIG partecipating at conference with presentation on results of “Higher Education for Public Administration Reform in Kosovo”
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Europe Day 2015

(Festa dell’Europa 2015)
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International conference
La guerra degli altri – Italians, Slovenians, Hungarians in the face of War
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Open Day
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Obiettivo Welfare – Participatory processes for defining the CARIGO Foundation strategy
(Obiettivo Welfare – Processi partecipati per la definizione della strategia di intervento della Fondazione CARIGO)
Participatory processes with the stakeholders within the Volunteering, Health and Labour sectors.
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RAIN – Risk Analysis of Infrastructure Networks in Response to Extreme Weather
(RAIN – Analisi del rischio delle reti infrastrutturali sottoposte ad eventi meteorologici estremi)
Workshop with the UE stakeholders within the European project RAIN (FP7).
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European conference and workshop
MAppERS – Mobile Applications for Emergency Response and Support
(MAppERS – Applicazioni Mobile per la prevenzione e la gestione dei rischi)

European conference and workshop with experts, stakeholders and end-users within the european project MAppERS (DG-ECHO).
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European conference and workshop
ECOSTRESS – Ecological Coastal Strategies and Tools for Resilient European Societies
European conference and workshop with experts, stakeholders and end-users within the european project ECOSTRESS (DG-ECHO).
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EXPOAUS – Expanding the Potentiality of Adriatic
Workshop with the local stakeholders within the project EXPOAUS (IPA Adriatico) for the presentation of the Management plan for the UNESCO Worl Heritage Site (WHS) of Aquileia.
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TOP – 2014

International seminar
City-to-City Diplomacy – Best Practices of cooperation between cities

(City-to-City Diplomacy – Best Practices di cooperazione tra le città)
Gorizia (Sala del Consiglio Comune di Gorizia), 20 novembre 2014
Speakers: R. Collini, E. Romoli, V. Tomsic, M. Mauro, A. Tatarenko, A. Fabbro, I. Gottardo, Lord Dundee, D. Del Bianco, M. Peterlin, T. Michielli, M. El Sioufi, N. Osborne, L. Stewart, J. Howarth, D. Haas, K. McInnes, L. Tincu, L. Marusic, A. Grzan Martinovic, D. Obranovic, F. Portelli, S. Ceretta, E. Pian.
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European seminar
The instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance – IPA: achievement, prospects and apportunities for the Adriatic Area for the 2014-2020 period
(Lo strumento IPA: risultati raggiunti e nuove opportunità per l’Area Adriatica nel periodo 2014-2020)
Gorizia (Sala della Torre, Via Carducci 2), 20 giugno 2014
Speakers: H. Visser, L. Comelli, L. Rosselli, V. Benussi, G. Di Marcantonio, D. Del Bianco
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Workshop – All’interno del Convegno Nazionale FISC per il 50° di Voce Isontina, 3-5 aprile
Europe and borders
(Europa e confini)
Gorizia (Sala Maggiore Kinemax), 4 aprile 2014
Speakers: M. Vinzi, M. Zorn, G. Rajko, U. Ademollo, D. Del Bianco
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TOP – 2013

Presentation to local stakeholders and EXPO AUS project partners of the draft of the UNESCO site Management Plan for Aquileia – prepared by ISIG between June 2012 and May 2013
(Presentazione alla cittadinanza e ai partner del progetto EXPOAUS della proposta di Piano di Gestione per il sito UNESCO di Aquileia – elaborata da ISIG tra giugno 2012 e maggio 2013)
Aquileia, 2013, 26 ottobre
Speakers: C. Bianchizza, L. Richelli

Croatia in the European Union: a way between past and future
(La Croazia nell’Unione Europea: un percorso tra passato e futuro)
Gorizia, 2013, 30 ottobre
Speakers: F. Salimbeni, R. Collini, M. Tremul, R. Ziberna, I. Supicic, V. Katalinic, N. Sadurina, M. Drilic, A. Pocecco, N. Ceribasic, R. Jambresic Kirin, D. Del Bianco, G. Tessarolo

AFLATOUN experiences for social and financial education for Gorizia
(AFLATOUN esperienze di educazione sociale e finanziaria per Gorizia)
Gorizia, 2013, 30 ottobre
Speakers: G. Chiozza, R. Collini, D. Del Bianco, C. Massaroni, F. Valente, C. Bianchizza

European seminar
Tools, methods and practices for Cross-border cooperation
(Strumenti, metodi e pratiche per la cooperazione transfrontaliera)
Gorizia, Sempeter, Nova Gorica, 2013, 18-19 ottobre
Speakers: R. Collini, E. Romoli, F. Jacop, A. Zardi, E. Gherghetta, M. Turk, P.H. Philips, B. Pecan, A. van der Goot, V. Tomsic, A.K. Kolb, A. de Muyser, G. Ocskay, J. Meyer, N. Ivady, S. Kupers, D. Del Bianco, M. Grion, D. Valentincic, A. Gasparini, E. Lefebre, L. Comelli, A. Venaruzzo, G. Skrt, S. Sodini, B. Spazzapan, B. Nemec, A. Manfreda, M. Zoratti, V. Benussi

Education, training, health and labor market: prospects for the immigrants integration
(Istruzione, formazione, salute e mercato del lavoro: prospettive per l’integrazione degli immigrati)
Gorizia, 2013, 28 giugno
Speakers: G.S. Allegretto, B. Della Piera, R. Sartori, D. Del Bianco, R. Collini, M. Andeva, L. Siconolfi, A. Pascolo, C. Aguzzoli, P. Ciana, M. Berti, B. Nikfunkah Ndamnasah, A. Chimera, F. Raimo, O. Urpis, F. Gaggioli, A. Diallo, M. Anzil, E. Ciancia, D. Del Bianco.

Training course
Introduction to European Union – the EACEA program
(Introduzione alla progettazione europea – il programma EACEA)
Gorizia, 2013, 24 giugno
Speakers: D. Del Bianco, L. Richelli, C. Bianchizza, F. Raimo.


TOP – 2012

Spring School, Study Visit  ISIG-UTEP University of Texas at El Paso Texas
Gorizia and the North-East border
(Gorizia e il confine Nord-Est)
Gorizia, 2012, 21-27 maggio
Speakers: E. Geromin, D. Del Bianco, S. Lembo, C. Kuijs, M. Andeva, A.M. Boileau, C. Bianchizza, E. Benedetti.


TOP – 2011

17th International Summer School
Methods for cross-border cooperation
(Metodi per la cooperazione transfrontaliera)
Gorizia, 2011, 19-24 settembre
Speakers: A. Gasparini, D. Del. Bianco, L. Voronkov, M. Andeva, V. Puscas, Z. Mach, L. Boros, H. Rabenstein-Moser.

Regional seminar
Social capacity building for Alpine hazards
(Rafforzamento delle capacità sociali per affrontare i rischi naturali nelle Alpi)
Gorizia, 2011, 4-5 aprile
Speakers: A. Gasparini, F. Donolato, G.G. Pettarin, E. Gherghetta, A. Steinführer, C. Kuhlicke, L. Pellizzoni, S. Fuchs, A.M. Granet Abisset, A. Scolobig, C. Bianchizza, G. Berlasso, K. Kalcher, B. Horvat, S. Kosmac, F. Schmid, F. Lettera, M. Pascolini, M. Baccichet, M.Buchecker.

Training course
Cohesion policy and new community programming. Programmes, funding, planning and management
(La politica di coesione e la nuova programmazione comunitaria. Programmi, finanziamenti, progettazione e gestione)
Gorizia, 2011, 16-17 febbraio
Speakers: R. Bernardis, R. Orescanin, A. Gasparini, D. Del Bianco.


TOP – 2010

16th International Summer School
Building international cities
(Costruire la città internazionale)
Gorizia, 2010, 8-13 novembre
Speakers: E. Romoli, E. Gherghetta, F. Obizzi, G. Delli Zotti, A. De Fabris, V. Puscas, E. De Anna, A. Gasparini, P. Maschio, L. Di Giorgio, Z. Mach, D. Mittner, A. A. Martinez, L. Voronkov, C. Cressati, E. Gatti, M. Klein, A. Pocecco, L. Pelizzo, L. Boros, S. Colussa, C. Mattaloni, S. Güdül, G. G. Pettarin, R. Lavarini, D. Del. Bianco.

Second International workshop – Quaderni per l’Euroregione
Sustainable development of the Euroregion sea resource. Towards a Adriatic Convention – hypotheses of a participated path
(Lo sviluppo sostenibile della risorsa mare dell’Euroregione. Verso una Convenzione per l’Adriatico – ipotesi di un percorso partecipato)
Gorizia, 2010, 29 gennaio
Speakers: E. Gobbi, F. Pastorelli, A. Zambon, C. Altran, M. Radosevic, D. Del Bianco, E. Cocco.
First International workshop – Quaderni per l’Euroregione
Energetic strategies in the Euroregion: scenarios and conflicts – the market between governments, networks, corridors and movements
(Lo sviluppo sostenibile della risorsa mare dell’Euroregione. Verso una Convenzione per l’Adriatico – ipotesi di un percorso partecipato)
Gorizia, 15 gennaio 2010
Speakers: E. Gobbi, D. Del Bianco, C. Altran, A. Lodovisi, G. Osti, S. Mendelski, D. Radojcic.


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