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The ELoGE Italy Program is based on a partnership between the Council of Europe and AICCRE, an entity responsible for activating the ELoGE programme by involving numerous municipalities throughout the country.

The ELoGE Italy 2022 Programme is part of the activities of the Italian Presidency of the Council of Europe – November 2021 – May 2022.

With the help of the Council of Europe’s Centre of Expertise for Good Governance, AICCRE is committed to implementing ELoGE in a congruent number of municipalities within a given time frame. This means first identifying municipalities that wish to implement ELoGE and then helping them undertake the different phases of the programme.

After careful and thorough analysis of the data collected, conducted by a specially composed National Evaluation Platform, AICCRE will award ELoGE to deserving municipalities that have successfully completed the entire programme. But far from being the end of a process, ELoGE is primarily a tool for municipalities to understand their own strengths and weaknesses in a self-assessment exercise by participating local governments against the matrix (Benchmark) of the 12 European Principles of Good Democratic Governance.

This self-assessment will be complemented with data collected among citizens, administrative staff and elected representatives of participating municipalities through questionnaires and structured sessions. Finally, the Label will be awarded to the municipalities that most closely reflect the 12 Principles in their actions, during a Final Award Ceremony. The ELoGE Italy Program aims to pursue the following objectives:

  • Improve and enhance Good Democratic Governance of local governments.
  • Foster citizens’ democratic participation in the public life of their municipality.
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of local government decision-making and public service delivery.
  • Strengthen the principle of subsidiarity by giving more autonomy to local and regional governments in implementing national and European policies.
  • Disseminate and use the good practices of other local communities identified during the evaluation process aimed at awarding ELoGE Italy recognition.

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