Programme - ELoGE


The ELoGE Italy Programme is developed through four operational phases:

  • Phase 1 – Application
    The municipality wishing to receive ELoGE recognition must submit its application to AICCRE, an entity accredited to award the ELoGE Italy Label.
  • Phase 2 – Implementation
    Once nominated, the municipality must apply the ELoGE assessment tools: i) Self-assessment through the 12 Principles/Benchmark, ii) Delivering the 3 questionnaires (i.e. local administrators, municipal employees and citizens).
  • Phase 3 – Evaluation and Awarding
    The National Evaluation Platform deliberates and awards (i.e., based on the analysis of the collected data) during a Final Ceremony, the Label to the municipalities that have successfully completed the ELoGE Italy Programme.
  • Phase 4 – Capitalization
    Dissemination of the results achieved and setting the next path/cycle of the ELoGE Programme.

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