Good Democratic Governance is a requirement that applies to all levels of public administration. At local level, it is of fundamental importance because local government is closest to citizens and provides them with essential services and it is at this level that they can most readily feel ownership of public action.

Good Democratic Governance reflects the core values of democratic society through the 12 European Principles developed by the Council of Europe. By referring to these Principles, local governments in Council of Europe member states can continuously and effectively improve their governance.

The central governments of Member States, acting in parallel, create and maintain the institutional conditions to improve and enhance governance of local administrations, building on the commitments made with reference to the European Charter of Local Self-Government.

Good democratic governance is a requirement at all levels of public administration. In the local sphere, it is of paramount importance because municipal government is the level of government closest to the citizenry. For this reason, Good Governance focuses on certain aspects and goals to be achieved:

  • Greater participation – The quality, relevance and effectiveness of local government policies depend on broad participation from initial drafting to execution.
  • Greater effectiveness – Local government policies must be effective and timely.
  • Greater consistency – Local government policies and interventions must be consistent and easy to understand.

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