Minorities and Social Inclusion

The research activities pertaining to this area focus on the study of group structures in terms of ethnic relations, with a specific interest on:

  • Analysis of perception, participation, goals, identity, and the degree of formalization of ethnic groups;
  • Analysis of individual ethnic groups native – majority and minority – in specific contexts (i.e. conflict resolution and peace-building);
  • Analysis and advice on legal and financial frameworks of reference at the local, national, international and European level;
  • New minorities and migration processes;
  • Promoting social and cultural mediation.


  • Analytically explore the problems of indigenous and new minorities, the relationships within the communities themselves and society, with particular attention to the social promotion in the daily life of individuals, groups and organizations.

Research fields:

  • Indigenous minorities
  • New minorities
  • Exclusion / social inclusion
  • Gender issues
  • Migration and integration of migrants
  • Combating discrimination and racism
  • Analysis of violent language and racism in the media


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