Minorities and Social Inclusion

The research area focuses on the study of group structures in terms of ethnic relations.


  • Analysis of perception, participation, goals, identity, and the degree of formalization of ethnic groups;
  • Analysis of individual ethnic groups native – majority and minority – in specific contexts (i.e. conflict resolution and peace-building);
  • Analysis and advice on legal and financial frameworks of reference at the local, national, international and European level;
  • New minorities and migration processes;
  • Promoting social and cultural mediation.


  • Analytically explore the problems of indigenous and new minorities and the relationships within the community and society with a focus on social development in the daily life of the individual groups and organizations

Research fields:

  • Indigenous minorities
  • New minorities
  • Exclusion / social inclusion
  • Gender issues
  • Migration and integration of migrants
  • Combating discrimination and racism
  • Analysis of violent language and racism in the media


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