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[21.06.2018] Ferrari O., Boileau A.M., Present the results of the sociological survey on on-line behavior carried out on a sample of over 5.000 students in the region – ages 11-14, at the Final Conference of the project “Responsible in the classroom and on-line: strategies and paths to prevent bullying and cyberbullying at school” Funded by MIUR, University of Udine, Udine (I).

[15.02.2018] Del Bianco D., “Cross-border cooperation: European visions, instruments and perspectives” in “Gorizia Europea – Conference cycle, Sala Comunale Dora Bassi, Via Garibaldi 7”; organizer: Inner Wheel Club Gorizia, Gorizia (I).

[15.01.2018] Velea R., Ferrari O., Moderators the meeting “WEAREALLMIGRANTS” and present the results of research on migratory phenomena at regional level to the students of ISIS Brignoli-Einaudi-Marconi, Sala Kinemax, Monfalcone (I).

[15.01.2018] Velea R., Ferrari O., Present the results of the researches “Boats of the Balkans” (2015) and “MIGRA” (2017) to the students of ISIS Brignoli Einaudi Marconi, Monfalcone (I).


[30.11.2017] Del Bianco D., Velea R., Workshop conducted by Isig for the Council of Europe on:  “Monitoring and Evaluation methodology for the professional training of local authorities”; present the delegations of the competent ministries of: Georgia, Ucraina, Moldova, Armenia, Bielorussia, Azerbaijan; Vienna (A).

[20.12.2017] Ferrari O., Presents the results of the survey on guidance perspectives, carried out within the Research-action project (funded by the RAFVG – Special Projects), at ISIS Pertini, Monfalcone ( I).

[17.11.2017] Andeva M., Presents the research paper: “Perception and acceptance of monitoring/control technologies: evidence from European Project ZONeSEC” at the  intenational Conference: “Challenges of Contemporary Society” organizer: Institute for Sociological, political and judicial research of Skopje (MK).

[18-19.10.2017]  Del Bianco D., Participation to Workshop in: “ZONeSEC end-users and standardization”; Workshops that will be held at Stratos Vassilikos Hotel; Athens (GR).

[19.05.2017] Velea R., Del Bianco Daniele., Facilitators to: “Workshop and debate on the centenary of the First World War” in: “Mato de Guera – Interactive show on the Great War – 1914-1918”. Friday 19 May, Sala Italia Cultural Center; Cormons (I).

[19.05.2017] Isig, Partecipation to International Conference: “Sociology 2020 – Global Knowledge and Local Communities”; organizers: University of Udine; promoters:  Department of Languages and Literature, Communication, Training and Society (Dill) of the Friulian University with the support of the Consortium for the development of the University of Gorizia. collaborators: Institute of International Sociology of Gorizia (Isig), Institute of Economic and Social Research (Ires) of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Regional Institute for Social Service Studies (Irsses) “Jacques Maritain” and the Slovenian Research Institute (Slori); Gorizia (I).

[2017] Del Bianco D., Presentation of: “Youth and opportunities in the New Europe” in: The school and the construction of the new Europe, AICCRE FVG; Udine (I).

[2017] Del Bianco D., Presentation of: “Trust Project” in: festival “Vicino Lontano 2017 – Terzani Prize”, University of Udine; Udine (I).

[2017] Velea R., Presentation of: “Council of Europe support to Inter-Municipal Cooperation: an overview”, in: International Conference “Inter-Municipal Cooperation and Good Governance: Cyprus and European Experience”; organizer: Council of Europe; Nicosia, (CY).

TOP – 2016

[2016] Andeva, M., Moderator in: OSCE Mission to Skopje Discussion Fora “Mechanisms of Representation of Non-majority Communities in Diverse Societies”; organizer: OSCE Mission to Skopje; Skopje (MK).

[2016] Andeva, M., Guest lecture and Chair of Workshop, in: Seminar “Minority participation and empowerment: Intercultural cooperation for stability and conflict prevention”; organizers: ECMI, German Embassy in Riga, and Ministry of Culture of Latvia; Daugavpils, (LV).

[2016] Andeva, M. Participation in: “Regional Policy Academy, Second Joint Strategic Workshop”; organizers: Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, European Fund for the Balkans; Belgrade, (SRB).

[2016] Andeva, M. , Participation in: Workshop “21st Century Strategic Foresight”; organizers: Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, European Fund for the Balkans; Becici, (MNE).

[14.10.2016] Bianchizza C., “Tools for measuring and improving community resilience”, in: Conference “Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in the context of prevention and management of the main risks”; organizers: Council of Europe, EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement; Lisbon (P).

[2016] Bianchizza C., “Opportunities for LAs in Europe”, in: Conference “Europe of citizens after Brexit?”; organizer: AICCRE FVG; San Daniele del Friuli (I).

[2016] Bianchizza C., “Tools for assessing and improving community’s resilience. How to use resilience assessment tools to better plan integration and  mitigate risk “, in: Conference “Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in the context of major risks prevention and management”; organizers: Council of Europe, EUR-OPA Major Hazards Agreement; Lisbon(P).

[2016] Bianchizza C., “Self assessment tools as means of decision-support system”, in: RAIN project workshop “Critical infrastructure safety in a context of climate change”; organizer: TU Delft; Delft (NL).

[2016] Bianchizza C.,”Self assessment tools as means of informed decision-making for the mitigation of climate change impacts”, in: 16th Annual Meeting; organizer: European Meteorological Society; Trieste (I).

[2016] Gamuzza A., “Cosmopolitan Solidarity practices and identity conflicts. The case of international volunteers for development in Tanzania ”; in: International Conference “Understanding Social Conflict. The Relationship Between Sociology and History”; organizer: Dept. of Education, University of Catania; Catania (I).

[2016] Del Bianco D., “Frontiers stories: Europe facing the challenges of immigration” in: International Conference MigraMed, Gorizia: Italian Caritas, European Caritas, Caritas Internationalis; Gorizia (I).

[2016] Gamuzza A., “There and Back Again: From Developing Countries Volunteering To European Job Market”); in: Project Meeting conference “Erasmus+ FUTUR3 project – Future Skills for the Third Sector”; organizer: CoPE ONG; Catania (I).

[2016] Gamuzza A., “Managing Diversity into Educational Institutions: a regional comparison between Greece, Italy, and Poland”; in: International Conference “Nations, Regions, Organizations: Liquid  Structures and Cultures”; organizer: Sociology Institute, University of Szczecin; Szczecin (PL).

[2016] Gamuzza A., “Multicultural School: European Teachers Facing Social and Cultural Change”; in: Round Table “Innovation and Diversity. Framing EU educational needs and challenges”; organizer: Dept. of Education, University of Catania; Catania (I).

[2016] Gamuzza A., “A new eco-system for third sector and international volunteering. From a sociological perspective”; in: webinar “Project Meeting ‘Erasmus+ “FUTUR3” project – Future Skills for the Third Sector’”; organizer: CoPE ONG; Catania (I).

[2016] Gamuzza A., “Institutional Versus Alternative Social Forms of Admittance in Southern Italy. Insights from a fieldwork”; in: Round Table “The migration routes. From the Balkans barges to the Mediterranean passages”; organizers: Dept. of Education, University of Catania and CoPE ONG, Catania (I).

[2016] Velea R., “Implementing Inter-municipal cooperation in Eastern Partnership”; organizer: Council of Europe; Batumi, (GE).

[2016] Velea R., “Implementing Inter-municipal cooperation in Georgia”; organizer: Council of Europe; Tbilisi, (GE).

[2016] Velea R., “Implementing Inter-municipal cooperation in Armenia”; organizer: Council of Europe; Yerevan, (ARM).

[2016] Velea R.,”Council of Europe support to Inter-Municipal Cooperation – an overview” in: Conference “International Practices in Inter-Municipal Cooperation”; organizers: Council of Europe, ISIG; Trieste (I).

[2016] Velea R., “Open or Closed borders in the Upper Adriatic: on CBC communities resilience and sustainability”, in: Conference “Castle Talks – International Symposium on Cross-Border Cooperation – Conflict and Cooperation at EU Borders: Open or Closed Borders”; organizer: European Study Center /University of Strasbourg; Strasbourg (F).

[2016] Velea R., “Good Practices against Cyber-Bullying in FVG – Research Findings”, in: Conference “State of the Net”; organizer: Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia; Trieste (I).

[2016] Velea R., “The Research on Good Practices against Cyber-Bullying in FVG”, in: “FAB LAB Social against Cyber-Bullying in FVG – ID DAY”; organizers: Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, Insiel, ISIG; Gorizia (I).

[2016] Velea R., “The Italian Territorial Reform case – Overview of CoE tools and frameworks for a better LAs cooperation”, in: Conference “Territorial reform and Inter-Municipal Cooperation”; organizers: Council of Europe/Association of Municipal Secretaries in Cyprus; Nicosia, (CY).

[2016] Al-Bander, S, Andeva, M. & Pachovski, V., “Reluctant acceptance or strong refusal: an analysis of the treatment of current migrants in Europe”, in: UACS 11° International Academic Conference on European Integration “Borders, Imagined and Real”; organizer: UACS; Skopje (MK).

[2016] Andeva, M. Dodovski, I.  “The rights of small ethnic communities in the Republic of Macedonia”, in: Third International Scientific Conference “Social change in the global world”; organizer: University Goce Delcev; Štip (MK).

[2016] Andeva, M., Pachovski, V., Al-Bander, S. “Imagining the future: migration scenarios in Europe”, in:  International conference “The New Challenges of the Sociological Imagination (in honor of Charles Wright Mills) “; organizer: University Ss. Cyril and Methodius; Skopje (MK).

[2016] Gamuzza A., Daher L., Leonora A.M., “Multicultural Schools. Enhancing Cultural and Linguistic Treasure of Europe through Teachers”; in: European Sociological Association 2016 midterm conference “Education and empowerment”; organizer: Dept. of Sociology, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore; Milano (I).

[2016] Gamuzza A., Daher L., Leonora A.M., “The underestimated treasure: diversity at school through the needs of teachers. Insights from a fieldwork”; in: International Conference “CADAAD 2016 – Critical Approach to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines”; organizer: Dept. of Human Sciences, University of Catania; Catania (I).


TOP – 2015

[2015] Andeva M., Necev Z., “Macedonia’s compliance with EU policies and regulations for irregular migration and asylum”; in: International Conference “Challenges of Contemporary Society”, organizer: Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Institute for sociological, political and juridical research, Skopje (MK).

[2015] Del Bianco D., Andeva M., “Cross-border Cooperation in Europe: Experiences, Practices and Tools”; in: Conference “European integration-new prospects”; organizer: UACS, Skopje (MK).

[2015] D. Del Bianco, M. Andeva, “Ethics, Privacy, and data protection in R&D projects addressing surveillance and security issues”; in: Workshop “Models and architectures for emergency management”; organizer: CMR-Consorzio Milano Ricerche, Milan (I).

[2015] Andeva M., “Minorities in coalition governments: the case of the Republic of Macedonia”; in: International Conference “Trans-ethnic Coalition-Building within and across States”; organizer: Uppsala University, Uppsala (S).

[10.12.2015] Ferrari O., Velea R., Presentation of the findings from the research “The hope-boats of the Balkans” on the phenomenon of asylum seekers in Friuli Venezia Giulia; in: “L’Immigrazione. Le leggi, i lutti, le paure, la solidarietà”(“Immigration. Laws, mournings, fears, solidarity”); organizer:  Cultural Association Libertà Territorio Solidarietà, Staranzano, Gorizia (I).

[3.12.2015] Bianchizza C., “Integration of the social components in the mapping of the vulnerability of local communities”; in: “Sociology 2020”; organizer: University of Udine-Gorizia branch, Gorizia (I).

[3.12.2015] Ferrari O., Velea R., “The role of small Municipalities and Communities in implementing international relations”; in: “Sociology 2020”;  organizer: University of Udine-Gorizia branch, Gorizia (I).

[3.12.2015] Del Bianco D., Participation into the Workshop “The challenges and the role of sociology in the region”; organizer: University of Trieste-Gorizia branch, Gorizia (I).

[11.2015] Andeva M., Participation into the Workshop “Implementation of the principle of equitable and just representation in the public administration”; organizer: European Policy Institute, Skopje (MK).

[28.11.2015] Ferrari O., Velea R., “City-to-City Diplomacy: Operational Instruments of the Council of Europe developed in the city of Gorizia”; in: 49th International Conference ICM “The border in the Gorizia area: laboratory for a ‘lesser diplomacy'”; organizer: ICM, Gorizia (I).

[9.11.2015] Del Bianco D., Participation into the EC Expert Workshop “Cross-border Obstacles”; organizer: CMR-Consozio Milano Ricerche, Bruxelles (BE).

[10.2015] Andeva M., Moderator of the Panel Discussion “Refugees, Migrants, Terrorists? Dealing with Facts and Prejudices”; organizer: UACS, Skopje (MK).

[10.2015] Andeva M., Participation to the brainstorming session of the project “Dialogues for vision”; organizer: European Policy Institute, Skopje (MK).

[23.10.2015] Del Bianco D., “European Experience of Citizens participation in Crossborder Governance”; in: Seminar “Democratic Governance of Cross-Border Cooperation”; organizer: Council of Europe, Saint Louis, (FR).

[16.10.2015] Bianchizza C., Participation to the Conference “Mental keys for self-employment”; organizer: University of Trieste, Trieste (I).

[1.10.2015] Bianchizza C.,  “The projects ‘Goal: Welfare’”; in: “Giornata Europea delle Fondazioni e dei Donatori (European Day of Foundations and Donors)”; organizer: CARIGO Foundation, Gorizia (I).

[9.2015] Andeva M., “How can Minorities Benefit from Minority Laws in Europe?”, guest lecture in: Seminar “International and national norms on minority protection, and their role in equality protection”; organizer: European Center for Minority Issues, Minsk (BY).

[8-9.9.2015] Del Bianco D., Workshop introducing the “Toolkit for Cross-Border Cooperation”; organizer: Council of Europe, Strasbourg (F).

[21-28.6.2015] Gigante S., Participation into the EYES International Seminar, Vicenza (I).


TOP – 2014

[27.11.2014] Boileau A.M., Del Bianco D., Velea R., “LIGHT ON: Cross-community actions for combating the modern symbolism and languages of racism discrimination. Understanding the perception of racism. Research as a tool against racism”; in: European Conference “The modern languages of racial discrimination. Building together a European answer”; organizer: Abruzzo Regional Government, L’Aquila (I).

[09.10.2014] Velea Ramona, Presentation of ISIG work on minorities, in: “20 Years of the CEI Instrument for the Protection of minority Rights – A retrospective glance and future challenges”; organizer: CEI-Central European Initiative, Trieste (I).

[02-04.10.2014] Boileau A.M., Participation at the Third UNESCO World Forum on Culture and Cultural Industries “Culture, Creativity and Sustainable Development. Research, Innovation, Opportunity”; organizer: UNESCO, Firenze (I).

[30.06.2014] Del Bianco D., “The on-line platform EDEN for the CBC”; in: “2nd regional Seminar on the introduction of the 3rd Protocol to the Madrid Framework Convention”; organizer: Council of Europe, Budapest (H).

[20.06.2014] “The Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance IPA: Achievements, Prospects and Opportunities for the Adriatic Area in the 2014-2020 period”, European Seminar organized by ISIG in collaboration with DG ENLARGEMENT, Gorizia (I).

[18.06.2014] Ferrari O., “Private-public-people-partnership (PPPP): Towards a model”, 4rd Steering Group meeting-2nd technical meeting, Isle sur la Sorgue (FR).

[16.06.2014] Bianchizza C., Workshop “IT Geology and citizen involvement – exploring possible synergies”; in: IX Conference of the GIT Group-Geology and Information Technology, Società Geologica Italiana, Montefalco, Perugia (I).

[12.05.14] Del Bianco D., Research findings presentation “The events in Gorizia: impact and synergies in dealers’ opinion”; organizers: ISIG and Chamber of Commerce, Gorizia (I).

[04.04.2014] Del Bianco D., Workshop: “Gorizia: between Europe and the Adriatic: dialogues between institutions, journalists and young people on the future of Europe, enlargement and integration)”;  in: FISC National Conference “Reflections on the future of Europe and the idea of the ‘Common European Home”; organizer: FISC, Gorizia (I).

[02.04.2014] Del Bianco D., Velea R., “The SIMPLE project: proposal of guidelines for policies on behalf of minorities”; organizer: Province of Gorizia, Gorizia (I).

[04.03.2014] Del Bianco D., Bianchizza C., “Presentation of the MAPPERS project – Mobile Applications for Emergency Response and Support”; organizer: Cnr – Irpi, Padova (I).

[20.02.2014] ISIG Staff, “The historical-cultural, environmental and economic value of the Isonzo river)”, workshop for qualified stakeholders on “Development Strategies for the Isonzo river”; organizers: CETA and CARIGO Foundation, Gorizia (I).

[18.02.2014] Boileau A.M., Presentation of the research findings “The well-being of children in the Province of Gorizia”; organizers: UNICEF Provincial Branch and Province of Gorizia, Gorizia (I).

[11.02.2014] Boileau A.M., Presentation of the research findings “The well-being of children in the Province of Gorizia”; organizers: UNICEF Provincial Branch and Province of Gorizia, Monfalcone (GO) (I).

[31.01.2014] Del Bianco D., “The research for the SIMPLE project. The Adriatic Action Plan for minorities: monitoring for knowing and improving”; in: 1st. Adriatic Intercultural Day; organizer: Istria Regional Government, Rovinj-Rovigno (HR).

[28.01.2014] Boileau A.M., Richelli L., “The participated evaluation of services provided by the volunteers in the hospitalization houses for elderly patients”; in: “When volunteers demolish the prejudice”; organizer: Association Incontriamo Onlus, Gorizia (I).


TOP – 2013

[20.12.2013] Andeva, M., “Ethics, privacy, and data protection in R&D projects addressing surveillance and security issues: the case of PROACTIVE”; in: Conference of the University “Euro-Balkan”;  organizer: University “Euro-Balkan” , Skopje (MK).

[20.10.2013] Boileau A.M., Moderator of the Workshop  “Plays of the past”; in: XII Congress of the Bisiaca Cultural Association; organizer:  Bisiaca Cultural Association, Staranzano Gorizia (I).

[18.10.2013] Richelli L., “Management plan for the UNESCO Worl Heritage Site (WHS) of Aquileia”, in: Cross-border Conference “EXPO AUS”; organizer: University of Primorska, Pirano-Piran (SLO).

[08-10.10.2013] Bianchizza C., Frigerio S. , “Domination of or adaptation to nature? A lesson we can still learn from the Vajont”, in: International Conference “Vajont 1963-2003. Thougths and analyses after 50 years since the catastrophic landslide” ; organizers: AIGA e CNG, Padova (I).

[11-14.09.2013] Andeva M., Boileau A.M., Del Bianco D., “Enhancing linguistic minorities participation: comparative analysis, models of linguistic minorities’ accommodation”; in: XIV International Conference on Minority Languages “Dominated languages in the 21st century”; organizer: Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz”, Graz (A).

[15.03.2013] Andeva, M., “The Macedonian non-territorial Model: in development or in revision?”; in: ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops; organizer:  ECPR-European Consortium for Political Research,  Mainz (D).

[04.03.2013] Andeva, M., “Survey Results on the use of minority languages in public administration in the Adriatic area”; in: Project SIMPLE Training Seminar and Open Workshop on “Promoting a culture of equality and nondiscrimination”; organizer: Istria Regional Government, Rovigno-Rovinj (HR).

[11.01.2013] Richelli L., “The future of the memorial sites. Cross-Border prospects between memory and everyday life”; in: International Day of Studies “Cross-Border stories between viewpoints and land management”; organizer: 47/04 Association, Gorizia (I).


TOP – 2012

[2012] Del Bianco D. (Rapporteur), “Towards a Strategy for the Adriatic Ionian Macro-Region: Second Stakeholders’ Workshop on maritime affairs, Roundtable on Competitive And Sustainable Transport And A Safer And More Secure Marine Space in Trieste – Italy, Portoroz – Slovenia, Zagreb – Croatia”, COFAD, Germany.

[09.11.2012] Andeva M., “The Macedonian NTA Model: in development or in revision?”; in: Conference “Minorities, Nations and Cultural Diversity. The Challenge of Non-Territorial Autonomy”; organizer: Queen’s University, Belfast (IRL).

[05.07.2012] Del Zotto M., Boileau A.M., Presentation of the findings from the research “Mobility project – Program for testing innovative organizational models for interventions and network services targeting people with disabilities”; organizer: Province of Gorizia, Gorizia (I).

[09.05.2012] Del Bianco D., “The European Territorial Cooperation (CTE) towards the 2014-2020 programming”, in: The European Province; organizer: Province of Gorizia, Gorizia (I).

[27.4.2012] Bianchizza C., “Interventionist and participatory approaches to flood risk mitigation decisions: two case studies of the Italian Alps”; in: EGU Conference; organizer: European Geoscience Union, Vienna (A).

[19.04.2012] Andeva M., Del Zotto M., “Protection of the linguistic minorities in Friuli Venezia Giulia”; in: Transnational Training Seminar “Models and methodologies for preventing and combating gender-based discrimination and violence against women and other groups at risk from ethnic minorities and migrants communities”; organizer: Abruzzo Regional Government, Pescara (I).

[19.04.2012] Boileau, A.M., “Indicators to be used by the Adriatic Observatory on Minorities”; in: Transnational Training Seminar “Models and methodologies for preventing and combating gender-based discrimination and violence against women and other groups at risk from ethnic minorities and migrants communities”; organizer: Abruzzo Regional Government, Pescara (I).

[26.03.2012] Bianchizza C., “The role of participation in natural hazard management and decision making”, in: CHANGES: Changing Hydro-meteorological Risks as Analyzed by a New Generation of European Scientists”; organizer: CNR-IRPI, Padova (I).


TOP – 2011

[08.12.2011] Del Bianco D., “Local self governance and the cross-border cooperation toolkit”; organizers: OSCE and Council of Europe, Kiev (UA).

[29.09.2011] Del Bianco D., “Cross-border cooperation development in Eastern and Central Europe in the last 20 years”; organizer: Council of Europe, Petrozavodsk (RUS).

[23.09.2011] Boileau A.M.,  “Voluntary work, ageing people, education: a peculiar viewpoint on LifeLong Learning”;  in : International Conference “Volontariato e Terza Età – Bénévolat et Troisième Age – Voluntary work and the Third Age”, organizers: Third age university in Lignano Sabbiadoro and AIUTA-Association Internationale Universités Troisième Age, Lignano Sabbiadoro (I).

[07.06.2011] Del Bianco D., “Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) as the specific form of Inter Municipal Cooperation (IMC)”; organizer: Council of Europe, Saint Petersburg (RUS).

[11.05.2011] Bianchizza C., “Participation in flood risk management as a means of social capacity building”; in: CapHaz-Net Workshop; organizer: UFZ-Helmholtz Centre für Umweltforschung,  Leipzig (D).

[05.04.2011] Bianchizza C., Pellizzoni L., Scolobig A., CapHaz-Net Workshop  “Social Capacity building for Alpine Hazards”, ISIG, Gorizia (I).

[10.02.2011] Andeva M., “Cross-border Cooperation in the Balkans”; presentation at EURAC, Bolzano-Bozen (I).

[09.02.2011] Andeva M., “Cross-Border Cooperation: the case of the Euregio”; presentation at EURAC, Bolzano-Bozen (I).

[01.02.2011] Del Zotto M., Pontello M., Gasparini A., Presentation of findings from the research  “Quality Sports”; organizer: Sports Office of the Province of Gorizia, Gorizia (I).

[21.01.2011] Del Bianco D., “Cooperation for the Adriatic Sea Security”; organizer: Propeller Club, Monfalcone, Gorizia (I ).



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