Security, Privacy and Ethics

The research is closely linked to the needs of specific organizations and agencies. In addition to the analysis of factors that undermine the security of a given system, the analysis seeks to develop organizational models of response. ISIG has developed protocols for evaluating the effectiveness of specific responses and predictions with regards to the resilience of political, economic, and social issues.

The research activities pertaining to this area focus on:

  • Environmental safety;
  • Industrial safety/technology;
  • The safety of internet connection sharing (ICS);
  • The development and evaluation of strategic plans in the field of civil protection;
  • Combating radicalization of the conflict and terrorism;
  • Privacy, ethics and data security.


  • Contribute to the security and resilience of the economic, political, and social systems through the analysis of how they react under stress and the development of improved responses.

Research fields:

  • Early warning
  • Command and control
  • Urban safety
  • National security
  • Social risk study on chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense (CBRN)
  • Industrial safety/technology
  • Marine environmental safety
  • Port security and safety 
  • Security of critical infrastructures
  • Ethics, privacy and data protection


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