The E-Learning course developed within RESILOC Project is a training product which aspires at increasing citizens’ engagement in resilience policies at community level. The course is based on the lessons learned thanks to the implementation of the LRT model in the four pilot communities of RESILOC Project. The E-Learning course constitutes an instrument to broker the knowledge developed within the project to a broader public.

RESILOC E-Learning presents contents related with the holistic approach to community resilience; community resilience policies; Disaster Risk Reduction strategies and tactics within the broader framework of Disaster Management Cycle; Risk Communication and risk awareness/perception; the role of stakeholders’ participation in enhancing community resilience; a review of the products developed within RESILOC; along with case studies of their implementation.

RESILOC E-learning provides both theoretical and operational insights on the above-mentioned topics in a manner that fosters users’ concentration and interaction. The goal is to provide the end-user with an innovative, inclusive, future-minded and pleasant experience, in order to ensure key messages are correctly and effectively acknowledged. The target of this product are: Local Civil Society Organisations (both formal and informal groups); Local Authorities; Volunteering groups activated within the Civil Protection Mechanism.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 833671.

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