Foundation and Legal Status

Thanks to the stimulus and passionate commitment of his creator and first director, prof. Franco Demarchi, ISIG was established in 1968 as an association among the Municipality of Gorizia, the Province of Gorizia, the Gorizia Savings Bank (subsequently taken over by the Foundation Gorizia Savings Bank), the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicrafts and Agriculture of Gorizia.
ISIG received the legal personality in 1985 (Decree by the President of the Regional Council n.0201/Pres. dated 17.4.1985) and is registered at n.86 of the regional Register of Legal Persons.
Constitutive Act (Courtesy translation)

Decree of the President of the Regional Council – 15 June 2009, n. 0154 / Pres.
Presidential Decree 361/2000, art. 2. Association “International Sociology Institute – Isig” – Gorizia. Approval of the new Articles of Association.
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