The main community involvement activities in Gorizia included:

  • Discussion activities with regional and local civil protection institutions and organisations, including coordination of activities related to the Field Trial and ResiFestGO.
  • Workshops with students of the University of Trieste (17.12.2021, 18.11.2022, 25.11.2022)
  • Exchange meetings with civil protection and firefighting organisations from the neighbouring communities of Nova Gorica and Šempeter-Vrtojba (Slovenia).
  • Dissemination activities aimed at citizenship (Resifolk, ResiFestGO).
  • Specific training activities for insiders (training of C.O.C. members in Gorica).
  • Dissemination activities at national level (ForumPA award “Sustainable and Resilient PA 2022”, workshop on vulnerability and resilience for Local Authorities of the Metropolitan City of Turin).


The RESILOC Trial of Gorizia was preceded by a set of workshops carried out at local level in order to raise awareness on the topics related to resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction, so to involve the local community in the project activities and to familiarise the LRT with the RESILOC approach and the RESILOC tools to be tested during the Trial. These workshops were carried out between April 2021 and March 2022.

The Trial Execution activities in Gorizia took place between March 21st 2022 and July 2nd 2022, counted a total of 11 workshops between trial and validation steps and focused on testing: the DIP Framework, the RESILOC platform, the LimeSurvey RESILOC tool for surveys, the sentiment analysis and the LRT as a tool for community resilience building.

From July to October 2022, the LRT of Gorizia focused on refining the Local Resilience Strategy for the Municipality of Gorizia, which was later validated by the local community during the Citizens’ Jury that was carried out on October 16th 2022 through a paper-based questionnaire.


On July 1st and 2nd the European Awareness Scenario Workshop (EASW) took place in Gorizia. The EASW aimed at identifying the main objectives of the Local Resilience Strategy of Gorizia with the Local Resilience Team. During the two days, a workshop on Risk perception, risk awareness, and risk communication in Gorizia was carried out by QueSite, a consultancy that supports activities for local authorities in relation to civil protection topics.

The exercise has highlighted gaps between perception, awareness and actions currently put in place in the Municipality of Gorizia and has helped identifying how risks are perceived within the community, and how they are tackled from a communication perspective, highlighting were the communication system and resilience strategies are deficient and must be improved.


RESILOC: presentazione del progetto
LRTGO_Field Trials
LRTGO_Quadro etico
LRTGO_Avvio Fase Operativa
Materials on the Field Trial:

Introduzione ai Field Trials RESILOC – 30.07.2021
I Field Trial: preparando il trial di Gorizia – 17.12.2021
Trial di Gorizia – Workshop 1: il quadro DIP di RESILOC (Dimensioni, Indicatori e Proxy) – 21.03.2022
Trial di Gorizia – Workshop 2 – Selezione di Dimensioni ed Indicatori per ogni scenario – 23.03.2022
Trial di Gorizia – Workshop 3 – Selezione dei proxy per ogni scenario – 31.03.2022

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 833671.

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