Participatory Processes and Local Development

The research activities pertaining to this area focus on the development of research methods and interpretative models that allow the development of innovative strategies and the effective implementation of policies for the local context . The primary focus is mainly on the inclusion of the local community actors in policy-making and in the institutional model for cooperation between within the local community actors.

The research is rooted into the need of local communities where space and the environment are interpreted respectively as variable and context of the daily life of social groups.

Through a wide range of participatory approaches and methodologies, ISIG achieves the integration of stakeholders in land use and sustainable settlement systems planning, starting with an analysis and comparison of mediated social variables (i.e. the integrative function of the community, the role of symbolic spaces, the projection into the future and the actions needed to achieve it).


  • Develop the local context, analyzing the factors (internal and external) that may favor or not the implementation of policies and territorial development in that particular local context, making it possible to carry out an ex-ante assessment to determine the feasibility of the desired project .

Research fields:

  • Stakeholders analysis
  • Participatory SWOT analysis
  • Urban development plans
  • Housing plan
  • Public transport plan
  • Social services plan
  • Management plan for UNESCO sites
  • Environmental protection plan


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