SYNERGIES – Innovating Preparedness by Leveraging SYNERGIES and Enhancing Results for DRM Projects

Client: HEU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation

Period: 2023-2026

Partners: Deep Blue (Coodinator) (IT); Sinter AS (NO); Resilience Advisors (Europe) Limited (IE); Intelligence for Environment and Security SRL IES Solution SRL (IT); Safety Innovation Center GGMBH (DE); Stichting Vu (NL); Institute of International Sociology of Gorizia (IT); Tartu Ulikool (EE); Openbaar Lichaam Gezamenljke Brandweer (NL); United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (FR); Save the Children Italia ETS (IT); International Safety Training College Limited (MT); Sciences Reunion – Centre de Culture Scientifique Technique et Industrielle (FR); Het Nederlandse Rode Kris (NL); Regional Council Northern Region (MT); Agence Observat Amenage Habitat Reunion (FR).

Description: The SYNERGIES project aims to promote disaster preparedness through the coherent and synergistic involvement of various stakeholders, including first responders, citizens, communities, education systems, authorities, businesses, and practitioners. Focusing on five key needs, such as involving all relevant actors, strengthening education and training for preparedness, and managing spontaneous volunteers, the project integrates the results of various H2020 and national projects. By utilizing real preparedness cases, the project aims to assess progress and demonstrate sustainable solutions for enhancing disaster preparedness.

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