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Council of Europe’s Education Initiatives in Paris

Exciting News from the Council of Europe’s Education Initiative!

We are thrilled to share that a kickoff meeting for the piloting phase of the CoE Toolkit on Education in Emergencies and Crisis took place at the Council of Europe Office in Paris on January 31 – February 1, 2024.

The toolkit, designed to support the implementation of the 2023 Resolution by European Ministers responsible for education, is a crucial step towards addressing the challenges posed by emergencies and crises to our education system.

During the meeting, the emphasis was placed on recognizing education as an active participant in crisis management. The priorities outlined include addressing the ongoing challenges posed by climate change, navigating labor market complexities, shaping the future role of AI, promoting integration and inclusion, and combating various forms of hatred.

The event saw the participation of the Counsellor for Education and Science to OECD and UNESCO, who expressed support for this initiative. This collaboration between the Council of Europe’s Education Department and the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia sets an exemplary model for contributing to the implementation of SDG4 and aligning with UNESCO and the UN Secretary General’s agenda.

The piloting, scheduled to continue throughout 2024, aims to build more resilient education systems. The findings, expected to be presented to the CDEDU in Autumn 2024, will pave the way for coordinated, timely, efficient, and cost-effective responses to crises, ensuring the continuous provision of quality education regardless of the emergency at hand.

Stay tuned for updates on this transformative initiative shaping the future of education!

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