Tirana and its Sustainability Plan

Important Milestone in Tirana’s Sustainable Development Journey!

We at ISIG are immensely proud to have contributed to a crucial event in Tirana, Albania, marking a significant step towards sustainable urban development. In a collaborative effort with the City of Tirana and the Council of Europe, we have successfully applied our Civil Participation in Decision Making Toolkit in shaping the Sustainable Development Strategy of the Municipality of Tirana for the period 2023-2027.

Hosted at the Tirana European Youth Capital 2022 offices, the event brought together over 40 stakeholders, representing the diverse fabric of Tirana’s community. Their engagement and input were essential for the success of the day.

The focus group discussions, guided by the methodology of our toolkit, were insightful, highlighting the importance of community involvement in urban planning. Special thanks to Deputy Mayor Keti Luarasi for her insightful opening remarks, and to Enkelejd Musabelliu for presenting the strategic objectives.

Heartfelt appreciation goes to Geldona Metaj for brilliantly facilitating the focus group sessions, ensuring productive and meaningful exchanges. This event is not just a step towards a greener and more sustainable Tirana, but also a testament to the power of participatory decision-making in shaping the future of cities.

We are excited to see how these strategies unfold and contribute to the sustainable growth of Tirana. This is a great example of how collaboration, community involvement, and strategic planning can create impactful change!

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