ODYSSEUS – Unobtrusive Technologies for Secure and Seamless Border Crossing for Travel Facilitation

Client: HEU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation

Period: 2023-2026

Partners: Software Imagination & Vision Srl (Coodinatore) (RO); Vision Box – Solucoes De Visao Porcomputador Sa (PT); Quadible Ltd (UK); Telesto Technologies Pliroforikis Kai Epikoinonion Epe (GR); Rapiscan Systems Limited (UK); Acceligence Ltd (CY); Squaredev (BE); Thales Dis Czech Republic Sro (CZ); Inspectoratul General Al Politiei De Frontiera (RO); Glavna Direktsia Granichna Politsia (BG); Ministerstvo Vnutra Slovenskej Republiky (SK); Inspectoratul General Al Politiei De Frontiera Al Ministerului Afacerilor Interne (MD); Union Internationale Des Chemins De Fer (FR).

Description: ODYSSEUS will allow citizens to cross the border seamlessly and without stopping, while reducing the workload and improving the productivity of border authorities thanks to a highly detailed risk analysis. ODYSSEUS will harness the power of digital technology by providing citizens with the appropriate tools to cross land and sea borders safely, while equipping border authorities with innovative tools for secure identity verification and non-invasive vehicle/luggage/freight control, eliminating long waits at border areas.

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