PREVENT General Meeting

Thrilled to have participated in the PREVENT project General Assembly meeting in Barcelona, Spain, hosted by our partner @CERCA (Fundacio Institucio Dels Centres De Recerca De Catalunya).The project aims at upscaling primary interventions for weight control management during childhood and adolescence to ultimately reduce cancer risks in adulthood.
PREVENT embraces a holistic end-to-end ecosystem involving students, families, educators, policymakers, medical professionals, public authorities, and communities. With a focus on more than 3.3 million students, we’re working towards guideline provisioning, large-scale implementation, multi-parameter assessment, and scaling-up.The project focuses on:

  1. Identifying barriers hindering current interventions and policies from scaling across different settings.
  2. Introducing multi-actor, context-aware interventions, and user engagement strategies to overcome upscaling bottlenecks.
  3. Adapting, piloting, and scaling up new policies within school communities across three European countries: Greece, Sweden, and the region of Catalonia in Spain.

From January 9 to 10, 2024, we delved into discussions with our Consortium partners and had the opportunity to explore the inspiring work taking place at the Biomedical Research Park of Barcelona and connecting with the PREVENT.CAT Community of Practice. Together, we had insightful conversations on Catalan policies and best practices interventions focusing on the health of the young population.Co-creation, active behavioural change, self-evaluation through user empowerment, motivational interviewing, social innovation, digital-assistive engagement, health apps, and multi-domain assessment are key facets driving user acceptability and compatibility with existing policies. Our goal is to enhance sustainability and upscaling.Thrilled to be a part of the Cancer Mission cluster of projects on “Prevention and Early Detection”. Together, we’re shaping a healthier future for the next generation.  


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