Ethics workshop for I-SEAMORE project

We had the pleasure and honor of hosting the workshop titled “Towards the Identification and Integration of Social, Ethical, Legal, and Privacy Issues in I-SEAMORE Research Activities.” The objectives of the workshop were as follows:

1. Presentation of the SELP framework (Social, Ethical, Legal, and Privacy) – an innovative framework designed to navigate the complex landscape of social, ethical, legal, and privacy issues within the intricate research of the I-SEAMORE project.

2. Introduction of compliance guidelines to the SELP framework, empowering project partners and sharing insights and guidelines on how to integrate and adhere to the SELP framework and principles during research and technical development activities of the project.

3. Coordination on upcoming operational steps by promoting collaboration among partners and independent ethics experts, ensuring that the ethical compass is firmly aligned with our research.

This workshop marked a milestone in the development of this project, and we are proud to have been a fundamental part of it!

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