The meeting between the Alpine Pearl EGCT and our project Central Mountains

Last Saturday, during the Alpine Pearls EGTC Assembly held in Fiera di Primiero, we facilitated a workshop on the governance of sustainable mobility systems in mountain areas together with colleagues from Eurac Research. In the course of the activity, which was part of the INTERREG Central Mountains project, we had the opportunity to exchange views with representatives of the 19 Italian, German, Austrian and Slovenian municipalities belonging to the Alpine Pearls network on topics such as last-mile mobility management and the integration of tourist demand with the needs and interests of long-term residents.
At the end of the day, the participants were asked to rank the strategies previously elaborated in a participatory🕸️ setting. The insights 👀 gathered from this initiative will form the basis of some of the pilot actions for which we will provide mentoring and facilitation support as Central Mountains project will proceed.

And thanks to Brandnamic for the amazing pictures!!!

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