ONELAB – Orchestrating next-generation mobile modular laboratories for pandemic monitoring preparedness

Client: European Commission – HEU Horizon Europe Research and Innovation

Period: 2022-2026

Partners: Amsterdam University Medical Centre (Coordinator – NL); Die Johanniter (AT); Bavarian Red Cross (DE); Municipality of Hasselt (BE); Hungarian Red Cross (HU); Region of Western Greece (GR); IANUS Consulting (CY); Telesto Technologies (GR); Jurrisk (BE); Solgenium OG (AU); PANOU (GR); GAS – Gesellschaft fur analytische sensorsys (DE); Saitama Medical Centre Hospital (JP); Horikopio University (GR); Innsbruck Unviersity (AU); University of Cyprus (CY); University of Pécs (HU); Ghent University (BE).

Description: ONELAB focuses on the design and co-ordination of mobile laboratory operations for the detection and identification of infectious agents, to enable enhanced situational awareness and integrated data communication, thus supporting decision-making and leadership of all actors involved. In the context of the project, ISIG is in charge of analysing citizens’ perception of and trust in mass testing, through questionnaires and workshops with civil society representatives, and of verifying the compliance of all project activities with European standards regarding ethics and privacy.

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