Nova Gorica-Gorizia Candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2025

Client: GECT GO

Period: 2018-2019

Partner: Municipality of Nova Gorica, Municipality of Gorizia, GECT GO

Description: The Municipality of Nova Gorica together with Gorizia is officially nominated as European Capital of Culture (ECoC) 2025. The two towns are connected by the intertwining of many common stories and therefore the nomination of Nova Gorica will also be closely interwoven with the neighboring town.

The main objective of ECoC is to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the city and its surroundings. This is a unique opportunity to connect through cultural engagement all the potential of the two border cities and the territory regarding the touristic, cultural, economic, training and infrastructure aspects, which will increase economic development and investment and thus attract both cultural tourists as well as improve the quality of life of present and future inhabitants.

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