Client: Metropolitan City of Turin

Period: 2019-2022

Description: The project (financed by the Interreg ALCOTRA program) aims to increase the knowledge of technicians, local administrators and the general public on the topic of dams, crucial for the cross-border mountain territories (Italy – France), both in terms of management and to prevent related risks.
The project intends to develop a system for assessing vulnerability and monitoring barriers and to involve and sensitize the population exposed to the risk of collapse.

The role of ISIG: ISIG will participate in: the assessment of the resilience of the subjects involved in the participatory plans of Civil Protection (i.e. 14 Municipalities of the Metropolitan City of Turin involved in the T. Sangone river contract), through stakeholders’ mapping and analysis using the methodology “Civil participation toolkit” of the Council of Europe; the elaboration of ReSVI (Relative Social Vultera-bility index); the realization of the Sea analysis (Social Vulnerability Assessment); the definition of integrated and operational tools for planning support through participatory processes.

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