FirEUrisk keeps going on!

We were in Stockholm from the 26th util the 30th of September for the 6th Plenary meeting of FirEUrisk project ambitiously titled “Navigating wildfire risk: Integrating perspectives for a unified solution”. After a field visit in the Swedish forests looking at ecological successions following wildfires, we gathered to discuss last developments and next steps of […]

In Strasbourg for the Standing Conference of Ministers of Education

For us today was a beautiful day, testimony to the commitment made in the field of research in the social sciences. Following the work done over the last year on the Resilience of Education in times of emergency and crisis toolkit, the director of ISIG had the honor of concluding and summarizing the ministerial debate […]

European Academy Programme: starting with ELoGE!

The first ELoGE FVG 2023 information workshop was held today. ELoGE is a path of analysis and development of the government action of municipalities for the promotion of good governance, promoted by the Council of Europe. ELoGE involves local administrations in a self-assessment exercise by the participating municipalities, compared to the matrix (Benchmark) of the 12 […]

General Assembly I-SEAMORE

We were guests of our partners at INOV in Lisbon for the I-SEAMORE General Assembly which took place on 20 and 21/09/2023. An opportunity to get in touch with our consortium partners, plan future developments of the project and present the results of our research activities on social aspects, ethics and privacy. ISIG researchers presented the […]

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