Leadership Academy Program in Finland

In the past few days, we were in Finland for the Second Stage of the Council of Europe’s Leadership Academy Program! The possibility for us as Institute to work with local administrators in Finland is an amazing chance of developing new skills, experience and… working on Good Governance! The second stage of the Leadership Academy […]

Collaboration with the Council of Europe – The new Council recommendation

We are pleased to have participated in this important opportunity for the development of the democracies belonging to the Council of Europe with the development of the CM/Rec(2023)5 of the Council which develops the founding principles of Democratic Good Governance ensuring that this and the 12 principles of Democratic Governance become the guidelines for the […]

For the Council of Europe in Moldova

From 2 to 5 September ,we were in Moldova for the Council of Europe to resume training on the URSO toolkit! The URSO paradigm refers to the underlying values ​​and principles that guide the actions of the Council of Europe in designing and implementing tools and frameworks aimed at supporting Member States in achieving better […]

Questionario transfrontaliero per il progetto SAFE – CITIES

🇬🇧Are you a citizen of Gorizia or Nova Gorica? With the SAFE-CITIES project we are focusing on the perception, awareness and acceptance of security systems for the protection of public spaces! You can contribute to the analysis of the level of acceptance and trust of security systems, which will help us to develop solutions to […]

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