Privacy workshop for the project I-SEAMORE

On the 26th of May, ISIG organised an online workshop in collaboration with WP3 leaders INOV. The workshop gathered over 20 attendees from collaborating entities that encompass end-users and technical partners involved in the I-SEAMORE project, and focused on the validation of end-user needs for the I-SEAMORE system and on the presentation of the SELP framework developed by ISIG.

We had the pleasure to coordinate a session on the SELP framework of the project, which was designed by ISIG to tackle social, ethical, legal, and privacy concerns. Attendees delved into incorporating these critical elements into the research endeavors of the I-SEAMORE project, thus guaranteeing an approach that is both responsible and in accordance with regulations. A collaborative brainstorming session fostered lively engagement among partners, to discuss on observations and feedback regarding the integration of the SELP framework in the project activities.

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