Leadership Academy Programme in Finland

An iconic song from the 1970s states “It is a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll”! So here we are in Finland for the third stage of the Leadership Academy Programme for the Council of Europe!
An effective local leadership and active citizen participation in decision-making develops flourishing municipality that attracts residents and businesses!
To achieve this goal, the Council of Europe’s Centre of Expertise for Good Governance is backing the Finnish authorities in carrying out the Leadership Academy Programme (LAP).
To reach this point, with the Finnish partners we had already:
1.Carried out a training program for trainers to enhance the local training capabilities;
2. This was followed by the dissemination of knowledge and skills through two successful LAP training sessions held in May and September of 2023.
The concluding third stage of the Leadership Academy Programme is nowadays developing. More than 20 practitioners from local and regional authorities throughout the country will train on promoting hands-on application in collaboration with stakeholders, with the aim of ensuring that democratic standards are upheld in the day-to-day operations of authorities!

The Leadership Academy Programme in Finland is being carried out in partnership with  HAUS kehittämiskeskus Oy / HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd, as part of a collaborative effort between the Council of Europe and the European Union!

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