With the Council of Europe: LAP in Finland

These days, our director and deputy director are in Finland!

24 Elected representatives and senior officials from Finnish municipalities and newly established administrative units are engaged in the first edition of the Leadership Academy program in Finland.

Discussions on Democratic Good Governance and the 12 Principles. The Principles provide a highly relevant integrated framework to overcome the isolation of different services within the Municipality and, at the same time, the Principles are relevant to improve the capacity of public authorities to strengthen the resilience of the #community against the erosion of democracy, even at the local level.

The LAP is one of the main components of the project co-funded by the Council of Europe and the European Union through the Technical Support Facility 2022 aims to improve democratic good governance through a legislative framework at local and regional level and to increase capacity, knowledge and skills.

The program developed these days is an interactive leadership training program that provides a framework for peer learning, sharing ideas and working together.

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