Training on Good Democratic Governance – LAP Serbia

Client: Council of Europe – Belgrade Office

Period: 2022

Description: ISIG was contracted for the provision of consultancy for the mentoring and implementation of webinars on good governance in line with the Council of Europe’s Leadership Academy programme and for the implementation of the Council of Europe’s e-learning course on good governance (FC 4708/2022/71. LOT 1). The following services were requested under contract PO735707:

  • Support 2 trainers with local experience in identifying a suitable training methodology and conducting and evaluating a 2-day webinar – short report.
  • Provide instruction to 2 trainers with local experience in writing training materials (handouts, PowerPoint presentation, training plan and agenda) – short report.
  • Participate directly (on-line) in the selected training session and provide feedback to participants – short report.
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