Client: No Ass. 2 “Isontina”, as part of the Interreg IIA Italy-Slovenia 2000-2006 – Project AAFVG 332315 “Cross-Border Cooperation in the delivery of health services”
Period: 2006-2007

Project, methods and tools:

  • Questionnaire filled in, subjected to two representative samples of students from high schools, one extracted in the province of Gorizia (n = 512) and one of the Municipality of Nova Gorica (n = 490).
  • Topics of the questionnaire: smoking habits; alcoholic beverages; nonmedical use of drugs, experience with illegal drugs, and information on psychoactive substances

ISIG tasks: Preparation of the questionnaire, sampling, coordination and supervision of the distribution, collection and compilation, data processing; final report; public presentations of the results.

Researchers: Anna Maria Boileau, Giorgia Del Bianco, Mojca Stubelj

Public Presentations:

  • 7/2/2008: Press conference at ASS n. 2, Gorizia
  • 14/2/2008: Press conference at Sdravstveni Dom, Nova Gorica
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