Framework agreement – Support for the promotion of good governance in the member states of the Council of Europe

Client: Council of Europe

Period: 2020-2022

General description: ISIG contributed to activities to promote good governance through research and training.

Description Activity I – Online tools for cross-border cooperation: expanding the EDEN platform for cross-border cooperation to make it an archive of best practice for public authorities in other areas as well, such as the implementation of ELoGE, BPP and more.

Description Activity II – Leadership Academy (LAP) Program: embed data collection, monitoring and evaluation into the tool, update selected forms, present them to LAP trainers.

Description Activity III – Support to the implementation of the Eloge- European Label of Governance Excellence program in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region: providing expertise to AICCRE for implementation; providing support to the organisation of the event of the Italian Presidency.

Description Activity IV – Municipal Strategic Planning Toolkit (SMP): review and update of the Toolkit, in collaboration with the Polish Foundation for Local Democracy.

Description Activity V – Leadership Academy programme for cross border cooperation in cooperation with CESCI Balkans: implementation of three training phases.

Description Activity VI – Civil participation: providing support to the Council of Europe project in Cyprus, providing a training session to local authorities.

Description Activity VII – European Capital of Culture: conduct a seminar Nova Gorica – Gorizia European Capital of Culture on the use of Council of Europe instruments in the project (ELoGE, Leadership Academy Program and Cross-Border Cooperation).

Description Activity VIII – Resilience Building Strategies Toolkit (Rebus): development of a video tutorial; presentation, promotion and pilot implementation of the Rebus Toolkit in a selected municipality.

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