Client: European Commission: 7PQ-SEC
Period: 2012-2015

Partners: Vitrociset SpA (IT), lead partner; Akademia Górniczo Hutnicza (PL); Athens Information Technology (GR); Consorzio Milano Ricerche (IT); HW Communications Limited (UK); KEMEA – Ministry of Citizen Protection (GR); Kingston University (UK); ISIG-Istituto di Sociologia Internazionale di Gorizia (IT); Magyar Tudományos Akadémia (HU); Universität der Bundeswehr München (DE).

Description:  The PROACTIVE project has a multi-disciplinary approach, close to the people, to meet the needs for forecasting, detection and efficient understanding of the interests, goals and actions of terrorists in an urban environment.

As part of the project, ISIG is responsible for analysing the components of ethics, privacy and data protection, as well as the issues related to access to data. ISIG must also ensure that the relevant requirements are met and that data privacy and data protection are guaranteed both during the experimental activities of the project and in the practices and procedures developed and proposed for the prevention of an urban terrorist attack.


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