Medtrends Project: Blue Growth Trends in the Adriatic Sea – The Challenge of Environmental Protection

Title:  MedTrends Project: Blue Growth Trends in the Adriatic Sea – the challenge of environmental protection
Author: Del Bianco D., Bianchizza C. et al.
Year: 2015
Publisher: WWF  Mediterranean
Pages: 79
Language: English
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Abstract: The results of the MedTrends Adriatic study show that most global marine economic sectors in the Adriatic will significantly grow in the next 15 years, with the exception of the fishery and military sectors. New maritime sectors will increase in importance in the future. In addition, it is expected that the three biggest sectors, maritime transport, tourism and offshore oil and gas industry, will show large-scale increase in the coming years.  The specific emphasis on Blue Growth of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR) is expected to contribute even further to the growth of maritime economic sectors in the region.
Ambitious shared prospective visions for the Adriatic maritime space’s future need to be built at different spatial scales. The current revision of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development provides a useful framework at a basin-wide level, with a strong Integrated Coastal Zone Management dimension. However, prospective visions need to be built primarily at national level and in a second step, at macro-regional level, to ensure transnational coordination and optimization.

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