Client: European Commission – FP6
Period: 2004-2005

Partners: The FLOODsite Project Team comprises some 37 partner organisations drawn from 13 different countries.  see:


FLOODsite covers the physical, environmental, ecological and socio‐economic aspects of floods from rivers, estuaries and the sea. It considers flood risk as a combination of hazard sources, pathways and the consequences of flooding on the “receptors” – people, property and the environment. Flood risk management is a process which comprises pre‐flood prevention, risk mitigation measures and preparedness, backed up by flood management actions during and after an event. Floods often cross international borders and so must flood risk management research. The project research on these topics is being integrated through decision support technologies,

ISIG is responsible for interviews, semi structured interviews, questionnaires, research on flood risk perception, vulnerability, post‐event recovery in cases study areas of the Italian alps.


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