Client: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Gorizia (CARIGO)

Period: 2014-2015

Description: Realization of participatory processes involving the stakeholders that operate in the areas of Volunteering, Health and Work, aimed at defining the CARIGO Foundation’s strategy for action in the next funding phase.

Through the processes it was possible to identify networks/partnerships and to outline the programming and operational lines of these networks by capitalizing on existing resources.

  1. The identification of the CARIGO Foundation as territorial actor, which can motivate the synergy and coordination between similar topics.
  2. The willingness of “networking” between similar topics.
  3. The need to explain Guidelines and Operational Procedures for possible cooperation.

The Participatory Processes aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Identify potential networks/partnerships.
  2. Outline the Program and Operating Guidelines of these networks.
  3. Specify the resources of each participant.

Activities:I risultati

1) [1.10.2014] – Participatory Seminar “Obiettivo Welfare”

Programme October 1, 2014

Conceptual Maps Labour Meetings Results


2) [25.11.2014] – I Participatory Processes Meeting – Thematic Focus Group (Volunteering, Health, Labour)

Objective: Identifying Shared Project Ideas

Report Results obtained on November 25

Concept Maps Phase I 

Tavolo Volontariato – Ingrandisci Tavolo Salute – Ingrandisci Tavolo Lavoro – Ingrandisci
[freemind height=’200px’ width=’200px’]/wp-content/MMWEB/Volontariato.html_files/[/freemind] [freemind height=’200px’ width=’200px’]/wp-content/MMWEB/Salute.html_files/[/freemind] [freemind height=’200px’ width=’200px’]/wp-content/MMWEB/Lavoro.html_files/[/freemind]

3) [15.12.2014] – II Participatory Processes Meeting – Thematic Focus Group (Volunteering, Health, Labour)


4) [26.05.2015] – Participatory Processes Meeting – Returning Results (Volunteering, Health, Labour)


Project Registration Form (To be sent by June 15, 2015 by email or fax to Carigo Foundation)


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