Strengthening Good Local Governance

Workshop ELoGE Italy, 25 and 30 May 2022

The sessions of the training Workshops within the ELoGE Programme, promoted by the Council of Europe and implemented in Italy by AICCRE, ended last week.
The Workshops, conducted by ISIG researchers with the collaboration of AICCRE, saw the involvement of numerous Italian municipalities. During the online meetings, the main aspects of ELoGE were introduced (e.g. the implementation phases, the actors involved, the main tools, the 12 Principles of Good Governance, etc.).

In the coming months, the participating municipalities will be called upon to carry out self-assessment exercises with data collected from citizens, municipal employees and elected representatives according to the 12 Principles of Good Local Governance.

After a careful and thorough analysis of the collected data conducted by a specially composed National Evaluation Platform, ELoGE will be awarded to the deserving Municipalities that have successfully completed the entire Programme.


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