Civil Participation – Training and Design Activities – Capitalisation Winter School 2022

Client: Council of Europe

Period: 2023

Description: In the context of the framework contract for consultancy services in the field of Elections and Participatory Processes, and in light of the work progress for the Winter School (Winter School) of Participation, ISIG was invited to contribute to the capitalisation activities of the aforementioned Winter School Programme held in 2022. Specifically, the following services were requested and implemented:

  • Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for Winter School participants, for the purpose of follow-up activities for 2023.
  • Development of a training plan and operational calendar.
  • Design and delivery of in-depth online training sessions on the CPT TOOLKIT and BePART platform.
  • Conceptualisation and delivery of face-to-face in-depth training sessions on the CPT TOOLKIT for participants of the Winter School in Kosovo* (2 days expert training).
  • Conceptualisation and realisation of in-depth face-to-face training sessions on CPT TOOLKIT for 25 representatives of municipalities in Kosovo* (2 days training participants).
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