Client: Council of Europe
Period: 2012-2013

Background: In 2010-2011, responding to an invitation by the European Ministers responsible for Local and Regional Government issued at the 16th session of their conference (Utrecht, 16-17 November 2009), the CDLR performed a task of identifying the obstacles to transfrontier co-operation by territorial authorities and communities, the measures or solutions adopted for removing or overcoming them, and good practices in that regard.This research made it possible to compile extensive documentation (available here). The aim of the work is to compile a Manual in such a way that it may be used by the actors of transfrontier co-operation

General Objective: To produce a Manual of practical solutions for overcoming obstacles to cross-border co-operation. The Manual should contain examples of or suggestions for practices identified in member states and suitable for use by other states or local and regional authorities in order to remedy or remove the obstacles that they meet in their co-operation with other states or local and regional authorities across a common border

Specific Objectives: 

  • The manual should contain practical solutions which already exist or, if not, could be extrapolated from the practical cases recorded in Europe
  • The approach that would succeed in identifying solutions should start from the problems. The first requirement would therefore be to list the areas where transfrontier co-operation occurs (social affairs, education, culture, health, transport, infrastructure, environment, etc.)
  • For each area, characteristic problems could be listed



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