Framework contract: “Developing good governance skills for public authorities”.

Client: Council of Europe

Period: 2021-2022

Description: The framework contract for the provision of international good governance consulting services includes the following activities:

  • ELoGE – in cooperation with CEGG, coordinate the ELoGE benchmark review process by organising a series of online consultations with experts and implementing partners.
  • Develop an online tool to facilitate future applications of the programme in Council of Europe countries.
  • Consolidate E-DEN (maintenance and updates; data collection tools, updating of information based on CEGG reports, dissemination support, promotion of network functionalities)
  • Participate support the process of establishing a Good Governance Academy in North Macedonia as a vector for promoting the Council of Europe standards and principles of democratic good governance through participation in a preliminary study with other Council of Europe experts
  • Support the testing of the revised benchmark in selected municipalities in FVG and the exchange of experiences with other ELoGE municipalities.

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