Title: European experience of citizens’ participation in cross-border governance
Author: Del Bianco D., Bianchizza C.
Year: 2015
Publisher: ISIG, Council of Europe
Pages: 102
Language: English
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Abstract: The study offers an overview of experiences and practices of citizens’ participation in the management of transfrontier activities and initiatives, by assessing, by means of in depth interviews to qualified respondents, 9 cross-border cooperation instances across Europe and 20 CBC projects with inbuilt participatory activities. More specifically, it: takes stock of European cross-border initiatives or experiences with a citizens’ participation dimension; describes the main features of those initiatives and in particular the citizens’ participation aspects; assesses the effectiveness of these participatory mechanisms and their impact on the decision-making procedures of the cross-border body or initiatives; identifies issues that would deserve consideration and/or decision at European level.
The study is a preparatory action and a working document for to the Council of Europe Conference on “Democratic Governance of Transfrontier Territories” (October 2015).

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