Project – E-TWIN

The project has two main activities:

  • Educational activity at Istituto Locchi, where during normal school-time the students engaged in discussion on several themes (history, geography, …) within a multicultural environment;
  • Workshops on Active citizenship that took place in the afternoon where the students, with help from facilitators, will discuss on active citizenship and how to implement it.

These two activities are the core of the project, that also included:

  • tours where the Italian students will show the local cross-border area to their foreign peers;
  • 2 official meeting. The first will take place at the beginning of the project, to present and show the agreement between the mayors; the second one, at the end of the project, to show and discuss the results of the project.
Partners Participating students Tutors
Municipality of Gorizia (ITA)Project information on institutional website 65 9
• Istituto Comprensivo “V. Locchi” 28 6
• Istituto Comprensivo “L. Perco” 37 3
Municipality of Nova Gorica (SLO)Project information on institutional website 115 6
Šola Milojka Strukelj 76 3
Osnovna Šola Branik 8 1
Osnovna Šola Dornberk 31 2
Municipality of Klagenfurt (AUS) 27 3
Hasnerschule 27 3
Municipality of Zalaegerszeg (HUN)Project information on institutional website 27 4
Ady Endre Iskola 27 4


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