E-TWIN – Friendship Agreement and Twinning Agreement

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During the opening ceremony of the E-TWIN project, on 18 September 2014, the municipalities of Gorizia, Nova Gorica, Klagenfurt and Zalaegerszeg signed a Friendhship Agreement to promote and strengthen their availability to future collaborations. The Friendship Agreement, signed by the official delegates of the four participating cities, promotes the institutional and intercultural dialogue within the EU town twinning framework by renovating the municipalities’ partnership agreement based on cultural and social cooperation.

>>Download the Friendship agreement

During the closing ceremony of the project, on 26 September 2014, the municipalities of Gorizia and Zalaegerszeg held a twinning ceremony, aiming at future economic, social and cultural collaborations. The Twinning Agreement between the Municipalities of Gorizia and Zalaegerszeg was a fitting conclusion of the project, as it testified to the willingness of the cities to further develop their collaboration, bringing the two cities closer and working together as European actors. The closing ceremony established the commitment of municipalities to future social and cultural cooperation and thus it contributed to enhancing the commitment to European integration.

>>Download the Twinning agreement

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