Client/Organisers: Erasmus+ Programme – Jean Monnet “Policy debate with academic world”
Period: 13-14 February 2018
Description: European border areas, once engines for European integration, are nowadays exposed to the main tensions of the contemporary world: from the impact of new migrations to the vague of revamping nationalism, to the coexistence between different cultural identities to the painful memories of ethnic, religious and political conflicts. This specificity of border areas makes them an interesting viewpoint to understand European society as a whole.
The aim of this workshop is to explore the possible correlation between the specific spatial, political and historical position of border areas and the growing popularity of radical political movements. Other than being the first to experience these social tensions, do border areas represent also a laboratory for their further elaboration and the possible creation of counter-narratives? Are citizens and politicians alike in border areas more prone to adhere to and exploit radical discourses? Are there specific border-area’s / cross-border / borders’ social and cultural variables which can help understand the radicalisation phenomenon/a?

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